ZIP files downloaded from IIS are corrupt


If you download a ZIP file from Internet Information Services (IIS) and your computer says it is corrupt or invalid, try this solution:

Firewall and Port Forwarding in X-Wrt 8.09


You might want to set up 'loopback forwarding' so that you can access your WAN IP as if you were not on the LAN. For instance, if you have a web server behind your X-Wrt router, and the incoming port 80 is forwarded from the router to your webserver. This allows computers on the WAN (that is, not on your local network) to view your website. However, if you try to view your website from behind the X-Wrt or OpenWrt router, you won't be able to see it. For this, you need loopback forwarding. This is because port 80 is forwarded only for WAN requests.

ActiveX error trying to connect to Remote Web Workplace

If you are having trouble connecting to Remote Web Workplace in Small Business Server 2003, try this. If you get a message in the Internet Explorer information bar that it is unable to install an ActiveX control, and you've tried resetting the security zone in IE, try this:

run regedit:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Ext \ Settings

expand Settings and delete the key {7584c670-2274-4efb-b00b-d6aaba6d3850}

Troubleshooting on Equitrac PageCounter Pro terminals

On an older Equitrac PageCounter Professional terminal, here are some steps to troubleshoot various issues.

Remote Web Workplace error 403 Forbidden

If you are getting an error "403 forbidden" when trying to access Remote Web Workplace (RWW), here are some settings to check. This if for systems running Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 (SBS).

  1. The correct Authentication Methods for the /Remote virtual directory security are:
    1. Enable anonymous access. Connect as the IUSR_<servername> account.
    2. Enable Integrated Windows Authentication.

Word 2007 Blogging

Microsoft Word 2007 can publish to a blog. It's pretty cool. In Drupal, activate the Blog-API module. In Word, click the round button in the corner, then choose Publish, Blog. The URL is

Describe table in SQL Server 2005 - Equivalent of Oracle Describe command


In Oracle, the describe command shows the metadata for a table in your SQL database. The equivalent command in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (and 2008, probably) is sp_columns. Try using sp_columns
to find out the data type of each column, along with other useful information about your tables.

How to sync Mac Address Book with Exchange Contacts

In Leopard, it is possible to sync your Microsoft Exchange Contacts with the Address Book app. Here's how.

Outlook Error 0x8004011D when trying to send/receive, and Outlook will not connect to Exchange Server


When Outlook is opened, it will not connect to the Exchange server. Instead, Outlook says "disconnected" in the lower right corner, and clicking "Send/Receive" shows error 0x8004011D in the Outlook Send/Receive window. One possible cause of this is if your Exchange/IIS server (both of mine are on the same machine) is using a self-signed SSL certificate.

Remove redeye when the automatic tools don't work


Sometimes, a photo editing program (I use Corel's Paint Shop Pro) can not remove all of the red around a person's eye with the built-in red eye remover tool. You may end up with a red ring around the pupil of the eye. Here's how to remove all of the red eye.

Use the automatic tool to remove what you can. Then, switch to the pain brush tool, and set the blend mode to color. Use the eyedropper tool on the good, dark part of the eye, then use a small brush size and paint around the edge of the eye. Your eyes are beautiful! :)


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