An Open Source Economy


Indulge me for just a moment, and consider a future in which you choose a bank just as easily as you choose a gas station. Where banks charge competitive fees for the useful commodity services that they actually provide. Where the banks don't hold a monopoly on access to the financial system. Where individuals like you and I can autonomously contribute to the development and improvement of the financial system.

A Truly Open Github?


Github is great and all, but it's still a proprietary organization (remember Sourceforge?). How about an open-source github -- where all of the computation and storage runs on a distributed network? The data for all repos could be stored on a blockchain database. MIners will perform execution that is normally performed by webservers today.

Like Bitcoin, your own PC could help run the blockchain, your company could run its own miner servers, or third-parties might run miners as a service for you.


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