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Error 401 Accessing the Report Website

If you have Reporting Services, SQL and IIS installed on the same server, you may receive an HTTP error 401 that says, "The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized." The solution is to "Disable the loopback check" using regedit. Instructions are found on Microsoft KB 896861.

Importantly, you may receive this error regardless of which computer you are using to browse the report website.

Online Banking with Charles Schwab, Moneydance and OFX

To connect Moneydance to a Charles Schwab Bank account or Charles Schwab investment account, choose the respective institution name in the online setup, then enter the username that you use to log in to the website ( and the first eight characters of the password. It is important to enter only the first eight characters of your password to connect. If you enter the full password, it will not work. Also, note that you are not providing your account number, but rather your website username.

Visual Studio will not deploy report to SQL Server Reporting Services


If Visual Studio will not deploy your report to the Windows Server, and you have not deployed to it before, check the security (SSL) settings for the server. If the server requires an SSL connection, and your workstation does not trust the SSL certificate, Visual Studio will create an error about "couldn't establish trust relationship". This is a problem when the server is using a self-signed certificate. The solution is to visit the Reporting Service's website with Internet Explorer, and install the Server's certificate to your machine locally.

RSS Blog reader for Smartphone/PDA

If you need an RSS or blog reader for your Smartphone, don't buy one. Google Reader is free and there is a mobile version just for smartphones and PDAs with internet access (Windows Mobile, for example). Google reader aggregates your RSS feeds so you don't have to visit individual sites. If you read a cool story and want to look at it on your desktop, just "star" it on your phone, then look at your starred items back at your PC.

Google Reader for mobile is slick!

A long, sad story

This is a story about a man who was sent to prison for 10 years because he sold heat lamps and hydroponic equipment. The DEA prosecuted him for "conspiracy" to produce marijuana even though he didn't ever grow any. Take a few minutes to read the whole story and tell me if you think our "war on drugs" is doing more harm than good.

My Wish

My wish is for people to be more interested in changing our nation's foreign policy than gas prices. I wish people would be as serious about their theology as they are about their sports teams. I wish everyone would put as much effort into abolishing the Federal Reserve as they put into shopping for bargains. Is it too much to ask for people to read as much as they watch TV? Could we spend as much time educating our children as the humanist philosophers? Wouldn't the world be a better place if we stood up for virtue in the midst of a population that bows down to the pagan idols?


I have an addiction: information. No matter how much I read, I want to read more information. When I read, I feel a rush because I am learning new things. Everything I need to know about life, I learned from wikipedia, including density wave multiplexing.


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