Excel print scaling is too small


If you're using Excel's "Scaling" feature to automatically size a spreadsheet to fit the dimensions of a printed page, you may have a problem where the page is printed much too small. Both print preview and the printed speadsheet do not fill the page, but instead appear as a small thumbnail or in miniature size rather than filling up all of the available space. This can be caused by the "print titles" feature in the page setup window.

Open Excel 2007 spreadsheets in multiple windows


If you want to open two Excel 2007 windows, each with different spreadsheets, you'll need to check out this tip. I have two monitors, and I need to use two spreadsheets at the same time. By default, you can't open two excel instances at the same time. Here's how to change that.


In case that site or file is unavailable, I am hosting it here myself. Thanks for the tip!

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