Quick fix for an iPhone battery that doesn't last for a day


My iPhone battery was very weak. It would go dead before the end of a day of moderate usage. Apple would replace my iPhone for about 200 bucks. AT&T suggested restoring my iPhone 3G from scratch, and then reloading my Apps one-by-one. I found a solution that made my iPhone 3G last all day, and then some.

Cannot access cellular data network after iPhone jailbreak and unlock to tmobile


So you've hacked your iPhone and unlocked it with TMobile. Good for you. Now you need data access. Here's how:

My favorite new features in the new iPhone 3.0 OS software


  • Podcast rewind 30 seconds button
  • Podcast speed control button
  • Ability to select certain folders for push syncing (in Exchange)
  • ... more to come, I'm sure
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