Quick fix for an iPhone battery that doesn't last for a day


My iPhone battery was very weak. It would go dead before the end of a day of moderate usage. Apple would replace my iPhone for about 200 bucks. AT&T suggested restoring my iPhone 3G from scratch, and then reloading my Apps one-by-one. I found a solution that made my iPhone 3G last all day, and then some.

Then I stumbled upon the "Restore Network Settings" in iPhone preferences. I restored my "network settings" and now my iPhone battery will easily last all day. The difference is night-and-day. It's anyone's guess why my iPhone's battery was being affected by this, but it worked for me.
Here's how to access this:

    1.    Tap the Settings icon from your Home Screen
    2.    Choose General
    3.    Scroll to the bottom and tap Reset
    4.    Choose Reset Network Settings

Note: this will clear your preferences for Wifi networks.

If this worked for you, leave a comment below!