No need to clean old prefetch data with CCLeaner


The freeware system utility CCLeaner has dramatically improved system responsiveness and overall performance for a couple of desktop PCs that I administer. I saw the option to clean "Old Prefetch data" under the Advanced menu. According to this link, there is never a need to clean Windows' prefetch data, and in fact, doing so will temporarily reduce system performance.


Just in case someone comes across this post, I just have to say, dude... Well, first off, let me say that it is odd for someone to post a response to a post that is two years old. For those that are reading this comment instead of the original post, here it is: So, having got that out of the way, I just have to say this: that it is odd for someone to say not to use a certain aspect of a program by referencing a link that is 4 years old! In computer terms, that is ancient history! A-hem... Got carried away there... First of all, there are times when cleaning the prefetch cache is required. Sometimes on machines that have been rocking an install of Windows for several years, after you have fixed several issues and uninstalled several unneeded programs on a machine that you are trying to "clean up" it is actually be beneficial to clean the prefetch cache. While I know that "computer guys" sometimes just get frustrated and tell people not to do things just because they are too busy, it would actually probably help alleviate problems in the long run if we started giving the average computer user some basic information and actually explained JUST WHY we might recommend them not to select that option with CCleaner. Again, I'm just posting this because I don't want yet ANOTHER budding "computer guy" to come along, read this information and then quote an article that is now over FIVE YEARS OLD. There ARE times when prefetch data should be wiped out. Even if someone did, the only damage that would be done would be that it would take Windows several reboots to order the loading of start-up programs properly again. Take care all and remember: just because it's on the Internet, doesn't mean it's true. Always try to corroborate the information you find with other articles. With that in mind, you will be right as rain! That or at least well on your way to a light mist... ;)

Thank you Brian for your recent and informative post!  Cleared up alot of misinfo on other chats and blogs.