Working with Amazon S3 using boto: Multithreaded Edition!


Let's say you need to update lots of keys in Amazon S3. If you have many objects in your S3 bucket, this can be quite slow. Of course, as a Python developer, you're using the nifty boto library. We can make update all of your keys much, much faster using multiple threads!

Python for total newbies (me!)


I wanted to provide a super simple example of using Ned Batchelder's for testing my Python unittest coverage. The thing that tripped me up at first is that I needed to call in such a way to exercise Python's unittest framework. For example:

coverage run -m unittest discover;
coverage report -m;

Mocking datetime in Python 2


Mocking dates is a well-known PITA with Python. But here's a quick explanation of how I worked around this deficiency.

Step 1: Add the date as a property to the production class. I had to refactor my code, and I suspect you will too. Before mocking this date, I was calling from the build_widget method.

from datetime import date

class WidgetWorker(object):
    date =
    def build_widget(self):
        return {'date_created':}

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