List files and paths in a directory tree (including files in subdirectories)


Recently I needed to list all of the files in a large directory tree. Each line needed to include the full path to the file, and I didn't want to include the directories themselves in the list, just the files. Here's how I did it:

dir /a:-d /s /b > files.txt

The dir command, as you probably know, lists files in the current directory, but the default settings are not useful here - it does not include file path, for one thing.

How to setup Loopback Port Forwarding on OpenWRT Kamikaze


If you use OpenWRT and have a server on your LAN, you probably want to setup loopback forwarding. Here's how to do it.

These instructions came from this page. I simply want to explain them a bit more, and confirm that these instructions for loopback forwarding work on OpenWRT Kamikaze.

How to Automatically Create Outlook user Profiles when a User Opens Outlook


  1. Create an Outlook PRF file. Use the Office 2003 Resource Kit.
  2. Then add this .reg file to your users' startup script. Adjust the name and location of the PRF file to your needs.

This will affect Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


How to setup WDS on OpenWRT Kamikaze


If you want to use WDS on your WRT54g router, or other OpenWRT Kamikaze router, you MUST use the 2.4 broadcom version. If you do not see the WDS mode as an option in your wireless radio settings, double check that you are not running the 2.6 version of OpenWRT. The 2.6 version of OpenWRT Kamikaze is not yet compatible with WDS.

This thread is how I found out:

How to sync Mac Address Book with Exchange Contacts

In Leopard, it is possible to sync your Microsoft Exchange Contacts with the Address Book app. Here's how.

Remove redeye when the automatic tools don't work


Sometimes, a photo editing program (I use Corel's Paint Shop Pro) can not remove all of the red around a person's eye with the built-in red eye remover tool. You may end up with a red ring around the pupil of the eye. Here's how to remove all of the red eye.

Use the automatic tool to remove what you can. Then, switch to the pain brush tool, and set the blend mode to color. Use the eyedropper tool on the good, dark part of the eye, then use a small brush size and paint around the edge of the eye. Your eyes are beautiful! :)


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