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How to Exclude Yourself from Emails you send to a Distribution List in Outlook

If you send a lot of emails to distribution lists that you also belong to, it can be annoying and unproductive to move those same emails from your inbox. However, with the Rules feature in Outlook, it is easy to have your computer do this for you.

Here's how:

Suppress prompt when deploying Office 2010 "Welcome to Microsoft Office 2010"

When you deploy Office 2010, users are prompted to make changes to "Use Recommended Settings", "Install Updates Only", or "Don't make changes" when they open Office 2010 for the first time. These relate to software updates for Microsoft Office, as well as the customer feedback program and other miscellaneous things.

Word 2007 Blogging

Microsoft Word 2007 can publish to a blog. It's pretty cool. In Drupal, activate the Blog-API module. In Word, click the round button in the corner, then choose Publish, Blog. The URL is

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