Enable Drupal's Clean URLs feature on Network Solutions hosting


If you are running a Drupal site with Network Solutions hosting, please accept my condolences. And the lack of shell access? The pain of your loss is almost unbearable.

However, thanks to jomariworks on the Network Solutions forums, at least you can enable Clean URLs!

Problem with Comments on my site


When I upgraded my site from Drupal version 6 to 7, something happened that caused some comments to go haywire. As this was many months ago, I do not have any backups. Unfortunately, I had to delete the comments.

Somehow, the body of some comments was removed from the field_data_comment_body table. Interestingly, the author and subject information was not deleted - it is stored in another table.

Browscap and Advanced Statistics Modules


Just found two cool Drupal modules. Browscap and Advanced Statistics Settings module. Between the two of them, they filter out search engine robots and your own user(s) activity from the view count on nodes, blogs, etc.

I always suspected that I didn't really have hundreds of people reading my articles, and now I reset the view counts, and I'll see if anybody besides Google and me read my site.

Advanced Statistics Settings doesn't provide new reports, instead, you'll find its settings under Reports - Access Log Settings - Advanced Settings.

Tag cloud in Drupal


It's easy to create one of those really cool "tag clouds" in drupal 6.

  1. Download Tagadelic here
  2. Navigate to Site Building, Blocks, turn on the "tag by categories" module
This requires that you are already using the taxonomy module

Word 2007 Blogging

Microsoft Word 2007 can publish to a blog. It's pretty cool. In Drupal, activate the Blog-API module. In Word, click the round button in the corner, then choose Publish, Blog. The URL is http://www.yourwebsite.com/drupal/xmlrpc.php

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