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How to rename a report in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)


Here's how to change the name of your SQL Server report.

To rename a report in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), from the Visual Studio environment, fire up the Solution Explorer sidebar. Then, you should see your report(s) in the tree view. Right click the report to rename, and choose "rename". Easy as pie, but hard to figure out.

Describe table in SQL Server 2005 - Equivalent of Oracle Describe command


In Oracle, the describe command shows the metadata for a table in your SQL database. The equivalent command in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (and 2008, probably) is sp_columns. Try using sp_columns
to find out the data type of each column, along with other useful information about your tables.

You receive "Cannot create a connection to data source" when opening a report on SQL Server Reporting Services


This error may be caused because of insufficient permissions to open the data source. Check the properties of the data source in the Reporting Services web interface. If it is set to use Windows Authentication, it is possible that the user does not have sufficient privileges to open the data source.

To resolve this problem, either grant the users permission to connect to the data source, or set a default username and password to connect to the data source.

This is the error that you may see:

Error 401 Accessing the Report Website

If you have Reporting Services, SQL and IIS installed on the same server, you may receive an HTTP error 401 that says, "The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized." The solution is to "Disable the loopback check" using regedit. Instructions are found on Microsoft KB 896861.

Importantly, you may receive this error regardless of which computer you are using to browse the report website.

Visual Studio will not deploy report to SQL Server Reporting Services


If Visual Studio will not deploy your report to the Windows Server, and you have not deployed to it before, check the security (SSL) settings for the server. If the server requires an SSL connection, and your workstation does not trust the SSL certificate, Visual Studio will create an error about "couldn't establish trust relationship". This is a problem when the server is using a self-signed certificate. The solution is to visit the Reporting Service's website with Internet Explorer, and install the Server's certificate to your machine locally.

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