Troubleshooting on Equitrac PageCounter Pro terminals

On an older Equitrac PageCounter Professional terminal, here are some steps to troubleshoot various issues.

  1. On the PageCounter web admin interface, click Config -> reinit.
  2. Check all of the options except network, the last item. If you reinitialize this one, you will have to reconfigure the network settings at the terminal.
  3. Click ok to begin the reinitialization.
  4. On the server console, program the machine, and make sure to upload the config lists and validation. Enter the correct ID for the unit, or it will reset all of the terminals -- not a problem, but it will make them all restart.
  5. The PageCounter will reboot a couple of times during this process. This is normal.



What is the username and password for the equitrac web admin interface?? I havent used the username and password for over a year now, and i have forgotten it,

Please Assist

Any luck with the username and password for the admin interface.

On my PageCounter Professional terminals, the username is SUPER and the password is EQU. These are case-sensitive.

Hi EQ, Jose, Northben,

De you guys have any idea how to turn off the webinterface or change the SUPER password?

Kind Regards,

Frank, I'm afraid I don't, and we replaced those units shortly before I left that job. So I have no way to check. When you are ready for a system that is actually user-friendly and admin-friendly :) check out CopiTrak. Good luck!